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Sharjah is slowly making its mark on the food map, which is attracting all kinds of food enthusiasts combined. Situated in the heart of a residential space around the University Road area, where you would least expect to find a fancy-shmancy restaurant called Crisol.

As I entered, I was amazed and instantly fell in love with the decor. The dim lighting all over gave the place cozy vibes with modern touches here and there – absolutely loved it. The staff is extremely friendly and so informative. were explained in detail by our server, and even the highly recommended/best selling items were suggested. For me, it’s definitely a great place for couples to have date night, for families to enjoy an amazing meal or even a catch up session with your girlfriends.

We started off with Passion Fruit Mojito. Let me tell you, if you ever go there, a lot of beverage options will be thrown at you, but you must choose Passion Fruit. It was just so refreshing. [Priced at AED32]

Then, came the Cuban Salad was definitely one of a kind with its simple ingredients. It consisted of assorted greens, crispy noodles and tender chicken drizzled with plum dressing, which added a nice kick to it. A bit too pricey in my opinion [Priced at AED42]

For appetizers, we ordered two dishes. One of them being the Rocket Shrimp. Now, I’m not a sea food fan but when I say this was definitely my favorite out of everything we tried, then you know it was that good. The presentation was very creative and had a bit of a festive approach. The shrimps and the crispy veggies were perfectly marinated in a special sauce, giving a burst of flavors in your mouth. This one is highly recommended to try by me. [Priced at AED32]

The second one was the Trash Can Nachos. Again, very creative with the presentation. I loved the whole pancake style of serving. They taste very good if you like to go the whole nine yards with your nachos, but nothing extra-ordinary! You definitely pay less for these than you would at the concession stand! [Priced at AED35]

This main course was highly recommended by our server. They are called Dangerous. You must be thinking what I thought when they came to our table. Boy, do they look dangerous being all pretty in pink! They may be all pretty from the outside but they surely kick your tastebuds. The buttermilk chicken with the sauce is just amazing – right amount of crispiness and the right amount of sauce!! [Priced at AED36 for 2 sliders]

The two desserts we had were the Crisol HIT (their best selling dessert) and the Chocolate Lava. They both are very common, a lot of restaurants have the same concept but presented in different ways. They definitely tasted great but it was nothing different or unique. [Crisol HIT is priced at AED43 and Chocolate Lava is priced at AED42]

I would definitely visit Crisol again, because of many reasons. The great tasting food, the ambiance, the friendly staff, etc. I forgot to mention that the portion sizes are huge and these prices are fairly reasonable. If you want to try great food at amazing prices, I’ll guarantee your trip to Sharjah will be worth it.

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