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The Amiri Ramadan Tent at the Address Montgomerie

Is it just me or is Ramadan flying by super quickly this year?


This year, we decided to check out the Amiri Ramadan Tent at the Address Montgomerie. The decor outside the tent was just amazing – lanterns, water fountains and peacocks.

For a change, I was so glad to not see the typical fancy chandeliers. These lanterns are so simple yet maintaining the elegance of the tent. The Arabic instrumental music added on to the Ramadan Night vibes of the tent.

The overall setting of the place was amazing. The seating arrangements are of all different sizes, depending on what you like, ranging from AED170 to AED2000 for the private cabins.

So, lets talk a little bit about the food. My friends and I had gone for Suhour, so perhaps the spread was less lavish than what they serve for Iftar. As you can see, the air conditioning is right behind the food table, which had kept the food quite cold. Besides that, the food was good, from salads and appetizers to main courses. What was a bit disappointing, was the desserts. Not much to offer, my pick for the night was Baklava.

I know this post is super late, but there are still a couple of days left for you to check out this spectacular tent. Get your friends together, and give yourself a treat for a great night out.

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