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Getting That Perfect Wing With This Eye Liner

All my life, I could not manage to use a liquid eye liner to save my life.

I literally went from..

to this..

with just one product.

Let’s discuss, for a few minutes, on how i cannot draw a straight line or a perfect circle, for that matter, to save my life. So, you pretty much know where I’m heading with this. YES!!! I have finally found the “perfect” eye liner. I have never been a big fan of liquid eye liners, mainly because I’m so terrible at using it. I still insisted on trying and didn’t give up. That’s another thing that I kept failing miserably. My solution would be to pull off eye liner using black eye shadow and drawing it over my lash line with an angle brush.

A las, a big thank you to Soap & Glory who have introduced an amazing eye liner called Super Cat Eye Liner Pen.

For me, applying liquid liner went from literally a time consuming task to a 2-minute part of my makeup routine.

It comes with a marker tip, which is really soft and the tip adjusts to the direction I want to use it in. The adjustable tip, I feel, helps make it easy for me to apply a thin or a thick liner. The liner has long lasting pigments which delivers an intense colour and can be long lasting, depending on the skin. I do have combination skin with an oily T-zone, but fortunately, it lasts most of the day for me. Only thing is, you have to let it dry otherwise it will easily smudge all over the area. 

♥Available in all Boots Pharmacies for AED50

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