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Age Smart Deep Cleansing Facial at Dermalogica

You can have all kinds of beauty products laid out on your bathroom counter, but there are times, when you skin deserves major TLC by a professional.

I chose to get a facial at Dermalogica, as I didn’t want to experiment. This skincare brand is suitable for all skin types and I have yet to come across an individual who does not like their products. I have gotten Dermalogica facials done at other spas, but never had the chance to go to the actual spa. This time, I tried out the Dermalogica Spa instead of looking for salons and spas that use their products. Plus, it saved me a lot of research time because I knew I would be in good hands.

I visited the spa in Mirdif City Center. Its a small location but has a very cozy feel to it. The whole experience at the spa was wonderful. They make all their clients feel special, such as providing a hot pack if you have cramps, etc. My therapist, Honey, was very sweet and just made my experience so much nicer. She asked me about my skin, what I use on my skin and the most horrifying question, how much water do I drink in a day. A face mapping, aka a skin analysis, is also done prior to starting the facial, which reveals your skin condition, which then determine what products will be most effective to deliver good results . As Honey was conducting the analysis, she was telling me the results as well as what I can start doing to change up my routine.

There are four points on the face to test dehydration levels, which is the forehead, right cheek, left cheek and the chin. (Normal) Hydration level should be between 34-48, which I am nowhere close to. As my skin is a combination of dehydrated and oily (T-zone), a deep cleansing facial was recommended and I will be listing out the different products that were used. The deep cleansing facial was 75 mins long in the following order:

Step 1 Cleanse
Two products were used to double cleanse my skin, which were the “PreCleanse” and the “Special Cleansing Gel“. The PreCleanse thoroughly melts away layers of excess oil, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, pollutants and products residue that build up on skin, allowing the Special Cleansing Gel to cleanse the skin further.

Step 2 Tone
The “Multi-Active Toner” was used. It’s a toner that keeps the skin hydrated and refreshed by conditioning the skin and preparing it to lock in the moisture.

Step 3 Target and Treat
Two products were used to target the two major concerns of my skin. The “Overnight Clearing Gel” was used on my breakout areas and the “C-12 Pure Bright Serum” was used on the pigmentation areas. The Overnight Clearing Gel is a night-time gel which helps keep skin clear and prevent future breakouts. The Salicylic Acid removes pore-clogging skin cells, while naturally-antiseptic Tea Tree Oil soothes while you sleep.

The C-12 Pure Bright Serum is a light textured but highly-active topical treatment that fights pigmentation. The advanced formula absorbs quickly to optimize efficacy while helping to increase skin luminosity.

Step 4 Moisturize
The “Active Moist” was used. It contains Silk Amino Acids and a unique combination of plant extracts which helps in improving skin texture and fighting dehydration.

In the entire 75 minutes, I remember the first 20 minutes and the last 10 minutes. When you fall asleep during a facial, you know that the facial was good and the therapist was even more amazing.

Some products recommended:
1. Pure Light SPF50
2. UltraSmoothing Eye Serum
3. MultiVitamin Power Firm
4. Daily Microfoliant
5. Skin Hydrating Masque

*Please note, all the products mentioned above were used and recommended based on my skin type and the concerns I had regarding my skin. Each individual can have a different set of products to best suit their skin.

The best thing about Dermalogica is they are never hesitant to offer samples to try out before investing in a full-size product.

♥The Age Smart Deep Cleansing Facial is priced at AED550
♥For those interested to know more about this facial and the products available, you can visit their website directly on

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