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Qabool Hai? Nahi | Rishta Problems


If you are a Pakistani girl, then you are bound to face rishta problems. A lot of them.
I’m married Alhamdulilah, but this is a guide for all those Pakistani girls who are unmarried and facing this rough phase in their lives

I had to face a tremendous amount of scarring incidents. The worst was, I was liked for one son, and they ended up wanting me for the other. Self-esteem came crashing down people lol. I faced pretty much everything mentioned below as well.

Please remember, if men (or their mothers) want a pretty, thin, tall, gori, educated, career-oriented, a homemaker, etc (to name a few), then we should also be able to demand the same from them. Just because we are the girl’s side (and we need to bend as much as possible for the guy and his family), doesn’t mean we lose our self-respect.

A great article written by an online magazine called Sister-hood.
The article: Shameless Rishta Ordeals

Image Credit: hibakhanart (Her artwork is amazing and is available for sale)

**If you are comfortable, please do share some of your rishta horror stories (for humor only)**


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